Tarragona: Historical Sight of Catalonia

Many people compare Tarragona to a historical book. The city is entirely filled with the spirit of the past. One can notice it after seeing all numerous architectural buildings of the Roman Empire period.

Originally the city was named Tarraco and it used to be the capital of it's province. I think one of the most impressive things are city walls that surround historical part of Tarragona. It brings you in the times of old and gives you a glimpse of what the city was like around that time.

The city walls were built originally in III century BC, although they were reconstructed during the Middle Ages. Nevertheless they haven't lost attractiveness and ancient charm till now. In II century BC over the sea-shore Romans built an amphitheatre , the remains of which could still be observed today. Roman Forum is another archaeological site in Tarragona which would be fascinating to look at. You can also find ancient Pretorian Tower and Circus there . So much has been said about the city, so many custom essay paper and essays writing papers have been written, but having listened to that all, and having read that all, you will never be able to comprehend what Tarragona is all about unless you visit it. It's like going back to the past on time machine!

It is really an impressive city. It stamps your memory with a print of history. Once you've been there, you want to come back.


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